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We are founded in 1997 as an industry specialist in Switchboard manufacturing and a critical power solutions provider with over 30 years' experience in manufacturing safe and fool-proof switchboards for Malaysia's construction industry. From a two-man team to 35 employees and more than a dozen projects, we have steadily grown from a two-man team to an organisation with a portfolio of multimillion-ringgit undertakings. Our extensive experience in switchboard manufacturing and our ability to meet urgent deadlines have led to our reputation as a prime switchboard manufacturer and a service provider for billion-ringgit projects.

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A company's success is determined by its commitment to its clients, and our commitment to our clients begins the moment we make contact with them. Every project is assigned a dedicated project engineer who is in charge of all communications between Auto Power and the client, relieving the client of the burden of communicating with multiple parties at the same time.


We understand that our passion creates an overall impact on the company’s future. Hence, the team at Auto Power takes pride in our daily responsibilities from minute tasks to large scale projects, which means our clients are rest assured we will deliver what we promise, in the agreed timeline, and with top-tier quality.


Being a manufacturer of a largely straightforward electrical component, creativity is crucial to keep employees motivated. From doing mundane tasks differently, to designing increasingly efficient switchboards and electrical systems. We make sure to work towards continuous improvement while maintaining high quality standards, both in our products as well as our services.

Quote from Managing Director
– Founder, Dato Gui Heang Lim

Vision: I have a dream; I hope that with our combined efforts, the company will reach the standard of listing, that everyone on the team is a shareholder of the company, and that the company's products can be sold all over the world and become an international brand, assisting Malaysia to become more globally competitive." We will soon achieve the goal of being a developed country, and we hope to inspire our entire team to do charity and assist more people in need.

Mission: My mission is to help M&E Cont all over the world by making our products and creating a safer and more comfortable environment for everyone. We not only want to help all employees live a better life, but also help the family of the team to be rich from now on stand up.

Culture: The company is like a big family, and everyone works together to build our future.

Our promise: as long as the task is assigned to us, we will do our best and leave you with no worries.
Our Certificate

Our switchboards are manufactured according to the standards of manufacture as set by the Malaysian Energy Commission ST, and certified safe by the Institute of International Product Safety in Germany. Both our factory and technicians have also been certified and authorised by the Malaysian Energy Commission and Malaysian Public Works Department, known as JKR (Jabatan Kerja Raya), to manufacture switchboards for industrial and commercial use as well as to provide mechanical and electrical support to our clients.