Founded in 1997, Auto Power Engineering is an industry specialist in Switchboard manufacturing, as well as a critical power solutions provider with over 30 years’ collective experience in manufacturing safe and fool-proof switchboards for Malaysia’s building industry. Since our launch, we have steadily grown from a two-men team to an organisation of over 30 employees, with a portfolio of multi-million-ringgit projects. With our extensive experience in switchboard manufacturing and servicing billion-ringgit project contractors, we have built the reputation of having prime service and an ability to meet urgent deadlines.

Mission Statement

We are dutiful to provide effective services to our clients, manufacture trustworthy and premium electrical products at fair prices, and ambitious to achieve IPO listing in the near future. The welfare of each employee is seen as our top priority whether is in terms of their working experiences, health or environment.


To bring secured and worthwhile electrical building components manufactured in Malaysia to the global market, and to establish safe electrical systems as a part of the foundation of buildings around the world.

Our Core Values

The success of a company lies in its commitment to its clients, and our commitment to our clients begins from the point contact is made. The dedicated project engineer assigned to every project is responsible for all communications between Auto Power and the client, easing the burden on the client to communicate with multiple parties at the same time.
We understand that our passion creates an overall impact on the company’s future. Hence, the team at Auto Power takes pride in our daily responsibilities from minute tasks to large scale projects, which means our clients are rest assured we will deliver what we promise, in the agreed timeline, and with top-tier quality.
Being a manufacturer of a largely straightforward electrical component, creativity is crucial to keep employees motivated. From doing mundane tasks differently, to designing increasingly efficient switchboards and electrical systems. We make sure to work towards continuous improvement while maintaining high quality standards, both in our products as well as our services.